Chapter 1

I’m not much of a writer. Most who know me can tell you that I can barely tell a story. I get so excited that I end up getting lost within my own words. But I’m going to try my best to begin my story in a way that might inspire those who have experienced the death of a child like myself, or even those who have not. I am a true believer in expression. Whether it is through talking, writing, art, music, ect. I believe for me that writing is going to help me through my own journey. I have been battling the idea of a blog, but a young woman who used to be a dear friend to me began her own. She inspired me by putting herself in such a vulnerable situation that I knew after reading it I needed to do it. I needed to express how I have been feeling, how I have felt, and what I have experienced.

But am I going to say too much? Not enough? Not be as honest as I should? Or be too honest? But I want to be as transparent as I can and help those who grieve. I want my friends and family to know my true story and not the one I have covered up to save them from the feeling of being “uncomfortable”. Well death is uncomfortable, so is grief, it is raw and it is uncontrollable and If I can inspire someone who might need to express themselves to feel somewhat better, then that would mean the world to me. I know writing is going to be my form of expression, and I never thought it would be so thanks Megan (sorry for stealing the same website lol)! But I’m going to start posting my blogs in January. I hope I don’t suck lol!

2 thoughts on “Chapter 1

  1. You will do just fine hunny remember this is YOUR journey not anyone else’s so there us no right or wrong , just be the real raw you you can be , that you allow yourself to be and the rest will follow I promise you !!!! It’s going to be tough , it’s going to be hard, you may even want to give up but just remember every dark tunnel has light at the end if it and well if it doesn’t …I’ll stand with my flashlight so you can find your way !!!! Love you and I’m so very proud of you !!! I know Lillian is as well !!!


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